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Welcome to the hopefully soon to be official wiki site for the award winning game for the xbox and ps consoles, Beyond Good And Evil. Your only objevtive is this: Let The Truth Be Known! We have various pages about the planet Hillys, its inhabitants and even darker facts and secrets, so read them, get your facts up to date and report and edit anything else to help your fellow companions do the same. You are a unique freelancer agent so get into the world of Beyond Good And Evil, expose the conspiracy, and capture the truth.

Beyond Good And EvilEdit

Beyond Good And Evil (2003) is an action/adventure game published and developed for Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows and Playstation 2 by Micheal Ancel, the head of Ubisoft and mind behind the succesful Rayman series. The game story follows the literal, and mental journey of female investigator reporter, Jade as she fights for the truth about a supposed conspiracy against the people of Hillys (Humans, Animals, and Humanoid Animal Species), who are constantly being attacked by an alien species know as the Domz. She must solve puzzles, fight enemies using her martial arts skills with a Dai-jo stick, and take digital pictures to aqquire evidence to soon, liberate the people of Hillys who do not even realise they are simple pawns and resources for an even bigger, even more evil plot. The player must take control of Jade and aqquire and decide the actions (not directly take control) of allies like Jades pig like uncle, Pey'j. The game which had poor sales due to it being appealing to mainly the more "Hardcore" gamers, but very positive reveiws from gamers and critics, was reluctant to invest in a sequel, (as the game was intented to be trilogy). However the next in the series (only, as of now, known as Beyond Good And Evil 2) is currently in development, with a trailer being released showing only the two main characters Jade (who is not seen clearly, except for her back, whilst she is meditating on a broken down hover car) and Pey'j (who is wearing a bandage around his hand... i think we know why, if not read his page) sitting down by the broken car, possibly waiting for help, and playing a game where he counts how many flys he can snort in his nostrils by breathing very heavily through his nose. Also a leaked trailer for the game was relesed, where we see a character resembeling jade in the first trailer (probably is) running through the streets of a city, being chased by the police, using her, new looking dai-jo stick to fight them off.

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